“I loved the community, the calm atmosphere, the ability to be outside, time for 1 on 1 spiritual direction as well as group spiritual direction, the time to be creative making wreaths, worshiping together…”

“I can’t thank you enough for the beautiful day on Saturday…there was such a grace and stunning beauty to what happened. You called us out of hiding!

I felt like we sleepily came out of our shelters and caves, our long winter’s naps, and I couldn’t think of a more marvelous way to wake up to spring — in the company of such wonderful women who love Jesus.

It was a threshold moment for me, and I sensed for others as well. And I will continue to hold it dear and close. Thank you, thank you. May the blessings continue and the fruit continue!”

“The scriptural passage we covered really spoke to me as I’m in a personal time of wondering where my life is going next and feeling torn between pursuing “my own” plans vs. seeing where God leads, even though that’s really scary from a worldly point of view. So, it helped to feel like God was hearing and leading me there.”

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