You, My Love, Will Rise

I remember when I first started writing this song… It was 2020 and we were in the middle of Covid. A friend and I banded together to try to salvage what would have been a challenging educational year for our kids. We were doing a homeschool unit on birds and she was taking a turn with the kids. I locked myself into the piano room at the church where we were meeting and this song arose from within me. It’s mostly straight scripture.

That was a hard season of life and I never ended up finishing the song. However, I was reminded of it as I drove up to St. Francis Springs today for a much needed break. I finished the song tonight in the outdoor chapel. I share this with you because it feels like an important proclamation of truth: You, my love, will rise. You will soar on wings of eagles. You matter to God. I matter to God. We are on this road together and Jesus is walking with us, even though we don’t always perceive His presence. May we look back on this time and say, “Were not our hearts burning within us?”

You, My Son, Will Rise

Look at the birds of the air

They have no storeroom or barn

Yet your Heavenly Father feeds them

Yes, your Heavenly Father feeds them

Consider the lilies in the field

Opening to the sun above

Clothed in the weight of glory

Though here today and gone tomorrow

And how much more valuable are you?

Yes, how much more valuable are you?

All those who wait on the Lord

They will renew their strength

They will run and not grow weary

They will walk and not be faint

And you, my son

Yes you, my son, will rise

And you, my son, will soar on wings of eagles

And you, my love

Yes you, my love, will rise

And you, my love, will soar on wings of eagles

We are all pilgrims on this journey

We are all walking the same road

Oh, Jesus, won’t you come and meet us here…?

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