Advent Week 4: Peace

I often visualize peace as the absence of struggle, tension or conflict. Upon further reflection, however, (Hello, 3 am. Nothing like waking up after an angsty dream and not being able to fall back to sleep…), I think peace must be more practical than that. At the very least, I desperately hope there is more to peace than Thomas Kinkade paintings.

Here’s what I’m longing for in the midst of this season:

  • The kind of peace that goes deeper than circumstances.
  • Peace that is rooted, grounded and established in love.
  • The peace that Juliane of Norwich tapped into when she wrote “All Shall Be Well”
  • Peace as an anchor for weary souls, that we may not be tossed about by the inevitable waves of this life.

How about you? Where do you long to find peace in this season? What does it look like?

This evening, my heart is filled with peace as I lay next to my sleeping daughter and reflect on joining dear friends in lighting the 4th advent candle earlier today. This little pocket of peace tucked in between travel and the needs of my active children is a moment I treasure.

O come to us, abide with us, our Lord Emmanuel!”

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