Beautiful Things in The Garden of You

Beautiful Things in The Garden of You

This morning my friend, Joel Hubbard, spoke some words that inspired me. His talk made me think about this scene from the movie, The Shack. I love the last line: “…wild, wonderful, perfectly in-process…this ‘mess’ is you.”!

I felt compelled to revisit images of our property when we bought it in 2017 and the progression between then and now. In the process, I felt the whisper of the inner voice of love, speaking to my heart:

“Look how far you’ve come. Isn’t it beautiful? Though you feel discouraged, don’t give up now. I am doing a good work and there is so much more to come…and as an added bonus, your beautiful kids are a part of this whole redemptive process, too!”

I couldn’t help but work the beauty of this message out in a creative way. This literal garden that I have been working on for the past 4 years, points to a much deeper reality. May the fruit of the Spirit’s work come forth in my life and yours, too!

Song credit: Gungor, Beautiful Things

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